Learning Extranet
Training Portal for Customers, Partners, or Vendors
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Customize branding
  • Gamification
  • Reduce expenses
Test Track

Providing training to those outside your organization can be a tricky task. Many LMS's are not licensed or technically capable of serving users outside your corporate firewall.

TTLMS is a turnkey solution that allows you to incorporate the look and feel of your organization as you create your own "University" for your clients or associates.

Our Rapid Setup System helps you identify how TTLMS should be implemented in your unique situation. Minimal Setup fees and pay-as-you-go billing allows you to spread your costs over the time without large up-front expenses.

A full course development toolset is available to your staff for creation of custom content. SCORM and AICC compatible courses can also imported to leverage content developed in other toolsets.

Bulk Import and self-registration tools are available to save administrative time. Progressive curriculums provide a guided experience that can be personalized for each learner, and email notifications can trigger addition processes. Competency is monitored through Mastery Test options using test you design. Individual and group progress can be monitored and tests can be validated with our statistical analysis tools.

Learning Extranet Case Study

The Problem

A leading medical device manufacturer needed to develop online training for both their customers and their salespeople who needed certification on equipment. Subject matter experts needed direct control over the course content, allowing them to develop a large library of courses.

The Solution

With TestTrack Learning Management System, they built a large library of courses on a narrow budget, while giving subject matter experts complete control over highly interactive content. Learners self-registered through a custom portal and custom reports allow salespeople to monitor the progress of clients inside their territories. Expertise of the subject matter experts was leveraged into an efficient certification program that increased customer satisfaction and contained costs.

"Test Track by far provides the biggest 'bang for the buck' of all LMS's in my experience. It contains a substantial set of typical LMS features but what really stands out is the lightening speed in which it can to be implemented within the enterprise."
-Matt Meyer, Director of e-Learning, Infologix